Why do you workout?

Many of my friends know me as a workout junkie. But at the same time, barely any of my friends know why I workout — I’m not even sure if Serena herself knows my motivation behind working out!

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For me, working out is a stress reliever.

My personal workout motto is: “When life gives you lemons, workout.”  Working out, even if it’s only for a couple of hours, takes my mind off of the anxiety and tension from school, friends, or whatever life throws at you. It’s hard to think about school work, grades, or the details of a fight you had with your friend or parent when you’re vigorously running (where you can barely even hold a conversation let alone think about something!), trembling while holding a plank or yoga pose, or lifting weights.

I decided that kickstarting this section of the blog, which will cover how to workout and be fit, with why I workout and love to workout would be the most befitting.

So, just like you see from above, working out for me is not a chore or burden for me. I choose to workout out instead of forcing myself to workout in order to achieve x, y, and z. For a lot of people, those x, y, and z’s are to get a flatter stomach, tighter butt, thinner thighs, and so on. I think the most distinguishing aspect of my desire to exercise is that I don’t do it in order to achieve something, but to just keep me in sync and “sane.” It’s kind of like sleeping in a sense. You don’t sleep to become prettier — although some people do claim that there is such a thing as beauty sleep. For the most of us, we sleep because if we don’t, we feel tired and amiss.

The same goes for me with working out. The reason as to why I voluntarily spend several hours at the gym unattractively sweating and panting and usually undergoing some temporary pain, is because when I exercise, my body functions a whole lot better. The days when I exercise and the days that I don’t, have a huge difference in terms of my concentration levels, stress levels, and how easily I fall asleep. Because whether I workout or not determines how well I can focus at school or and my school work, be happier, and fall asleep quickly (as a high schooler, any minute you get to sleep is precious), it makes working out as an advantage.

Okay, now that I’ve shared my reason behind working out, how do you get motivated to workout?

             xoxo Stephanie



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