My Winter Break Fitness Routine

December 17th marked the first day of winter break for me. Now, winter break in my books is always a mental break, but not so much a physical break. Not only do I take being in shape seriously, but I also have a full indoor track season ahead of me when I get back from break which gives me the incentive to be diligent about my workouts.

Today’s post will solely be focused on my fitness routine during my first week back for winter break and will most likely be my winter routine for the rest of the break.

Just on a side note, I count myself lucky to have parents (especially my mom) who are willing to drive me to the gym as well as workout together with me.

Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 10.55.53 PM.png

FRIDAY, December 18th: 45 minute run + 10 minute erg + 10 minute core + rehab exercises | Friday was a moderate workout day. I went on a 45 minute run on the running machine at 7.3 mph (that’s an 8:13 pace per mile meaning it’s easier than my tempo pace which is a minute added to my 6:58 mile time). After the run, I did 10 minutes on the erg machine. I’m hoping to get in the crew team for spring this year so I’m trying to get practice on my form and speed because I know a lot of freshmen girls are trying out this year. After all my cardio, I did my 10 minute core routine where it’s 10 core exercises a minute each. I seriously can attest that doing these daily for several weeks have shown results both physically in my abs but also in my fitness levels as well. The 10 minute core routine goes like this: leg lifts, bicycles, Russian twists, crunches, regular plank, side plank (on both sides), penguins, in’s and out’s, and V-sits. I also have to do rehab exercises for my left knee which got injured right after Thanksgiving Break. My trainer and track coach both believe it’s from overuse and I’m building up my quads and hamstrings in hopes to not get injured again. The rehab exercises are 15×3 regular squats, 10×3 Bulgarian split squats on both legs, 10×3 step up and step down, 10×3 on the leg extension machine, and 10×3 suspended clams on each leg.


SATURDAY, December 19th :  35 minute run + 20 min bike + 10 minute core + rehab exercises | Today was a mix of cardio along with the regular core and rehab exercises. I did a 35 minute run at again the same pace at 7.3 mph and then hopped on the bike with resistance level 3 where my rpm was around the 110-115 range. I love going on the bike because I get more mileage (so I kind of fool my body thinking that I did more work) plus I get to watch YouTube videos while cycling! I know some people can get away with listening to music let alone watching videos on their devices while running, but for some reason my earbuds never stay put so I can never use my phone to entertain myself during my runs.


SUNDAY, December 20th: 30 minute walk + 3 Ballet Beautiful videos + 5 minute core | Today was pretty much a rest day for me. I went on a walk with my dad to Giant (local grocery store) to buy more Christmas lights for our tree and ice cream (our whole family’s weakpoint). My parents and I have been incorporating walks to the grocery store ever since last spring, and I think it’s wonderful. Although they go to the grocery store mainly to buy ice cream, walking nonetheless is exercise and I love getting some fresh air. After coming back from Giant, I went upstairs, pulled out my yoga mat and followed along to three Ballet Beautiful videos. I haven’t done Ballet Beautiful videos since last winter since I was so busy athletic wise with tennis and spring track. I love Ballet Beautiful because it’s not your regular squats or pushups, but it’s ballet like movements that seriously kill you. Mary Helen Bowers, the founder of Ballet Beautiful, is famous for training celebrities like Natalie Portman and Lily Aldridge. Let me tell you her videos are hard. After the Ballet Beautiful video, I did a condensed version of my core routine where it was 30 seconds for each exercise. I think it’s equally important to give your body enough rest as well as giving your body a challenge. If you don’t rest, you’ll either injury self later or not be as productive in your future workouts meaning your time won’t be well spent.

*The three Ballet Beautiful videos I watched: 

Inner Thighs
Outer Thighs

MONDAY, December 21st: 65 minute run + 10 minute core + rehab exercise | My track coach called for a long run today, so I went on a 60 minute run at a 7.0 mph pace plus a five minute cool down. So that means I ran a bit over 7 miles today. Being the distance runner I am, long runs are super nice because I finally get to settle myself into a comfortable pace instead of sprinting and being confused at what pace I should be in like the mile. After the long run, I did my 10 minute core (I’m seriously religion about my core routine!!!) and my rehab exercises as well.


TUESDAY, December 22nd: 45 minute run + 15 minute erg + 10 minute core + rehab exercises | After a 45 minute run at a 7.3 pace, I hopped on the erg for 15 minutes holding around 2:15-2:30. After the two cardio sessions, I of course, went to do my 10 minute core and rehab exercises.


After the end of each workout, I make sure to stretch and roll out with a foam roller for a solid 10 minutes. I think it’s crucial that after a workout, I stretch out my muscles in order to give them a speedy and proper recovery. Also, I drink lots of water and a bottle of 100% coconut water when I get home back from the gym. Coconut water has 100% natural electrolytes and is great to drink for hydration!


WEDNESDAY, December 23rd : 55 minute run + 20 minute erg + 10 minute core + strengthening exercises | Today I went on a 55 minute run at a 7.2 mph pace and then did 20 minutes on the erg machine. I did 50 strokes which were in the 2:10-2:20 range with the handle and then 25 strokes without the handle. I’m still a beginner with rowing machines so I did the 25 handle-free strokes for the sake of building my rowing form. I did these sets (50 w/ handle, 25 w/out handle) four times. After the erg machine, I went to the section of the gym that I don’t frequent often, which is where all the weights are. I did exercises that targeted my arms, abs, and legs. After 20 minutes of strengthening exercises, I did 10 minute core, stretched and foam rolled.


THURSDAY, December 24th: 60 minute walking and running combination + 10 minute cycle + 10 minute core | I sensed something was amiss when I felt my legs felt super sore and heavy when I woke up this morning. Consequently, when I started running, my legs felt like they were bounded down with 100 pound weights, that I decided today would be an impromptu recovery/rest day. I went on a very easy jog (around 6.0 mph) for 30 minutes and the rest I speed walked at 4.3 mph. After 60 minutes on the treadmill, I hopped on the bike and lowered the resistance super low and started cycling rapidly. I did this in hopes to get all the lactic acid stored in my quads from yesterday’s workout. I didn’t do any of my rehab exercises because they included squats and leg targeted moves or the erg machine (which I think the 20 minute session may have led to the soreness). After the cycle, I did a 10 minute core and a nice long stretch and foam-rolling to end today’s workout.


FRIDAY, December 25th : NONE | Today was definitely a planned rest day. My uncle’s family was coming up for the holidays so much of today was spent cleaning and prepping the house as well as spending time with my parents.


SATURDAY, December 26th: 65 minute run + rehab exercises + 5 minute core | After two easy days, my body was begging me to go workout – haha. Anyways, I did a nice and easy jog (7.0 mph) for a bit over an hour. After the jog, I did my rehab exercises. Although my legs still felt a little heavy and I was still scared from Thursday’s sudden soreness, I wanted to still strengthen my legs since I didn’t want my knee to get injured again. After the rehab exercises, I did half of my core routine because I was short on time, stretched, and foam rolled.

SUNDAY, December 27th: 45 minute run + rehab exercises + 5 minute erg + 10 minute core | Today I went on a 45 minute run at 7.1 mph, did 5 minutes on the erg not for the sake of a workout but to maintain my form. Before my cardio session, I did 8×3 on the hamstring curl machine, 8×3 on the leg extensions, and 8×3 on both sides for the Bulgarian split squats. I of course ended today’s workout with 10 minute core, stretching, and foam rolling.

For the rest of the week (Monday – Thursday) I won’t be able to fit any workouts because I’m going on a winter retreat with my church. I hope you enjoyed getting an inside look at my workouts!

How do you plan your workouts? Is it the same thing every time at the gym? Or do you have designated workout days like leg day or arm day?

xoxo, Stephanie

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