Food Trends in 2016

Welcome, 2016! Researchers have predicted the culinary trends of the upcoming year.

  • Apple cider vinegar and ginger sweetened with honey, maple, or molasses: great ways to detox after a New Year’s Eve party 🙂
  • More Hawaiian flavors
  • Oysters
  • Labneh- a thick and savory Middle Eastern yogurt
  • Inventive ways to incorporate coffee into drinks
  • Bottled soup on the go
  • Porridge with a plethora of grains: quinoa, spelt, and rye to name a few
  • Desserts with a savory punch: think miso paste, malt, and corn-husk ash
  • Chefs providing more family-style meals
  • Meal delivery

What food trend are you most excited about?



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