Five Non-Food Related Things to Lift Your Mood

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Let’s admit it. We all used food at least once in our lifetime to cope with negative things – our emotions, stress, or even with positive things – rewards and celebrations. In our society, the most common way to celebrate a birthday is to go out for dinner. The most common way to deal with a bad day is to eat a whole-tub of Ben and Jerry’s or eat all the chips in the Family Size chips bag.


But this also happens to healthy food too. I remember once, I ate so many nuts that the next day, my mom had to hide all the nuts in our house because seeing them made me feel like I would barf.


With that being said, it’s no surprise that even though we have our eating habits and exercise habits in check, if we don’t take care of our mental health, whatever health goal you have in mind for 2016 or your whole life isn’t going to come true.


Today, I’ve come up with five activities you can do that DO NOT involve food. Whether it’s to cope with stress or to celebrate.

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1.Get a manicure and/or pedicure | This is such a simple thing, yet this is my go-to stress reliever. It’s a great breather – not too short but not too long. It’s long enough that you have to hit the pause button while patiently waiting for your nails to dry, but not too long that it takes up a good chunk of your day.


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2. Buy a new workout gear | This is one of my favorites as a self-confessed shopaholic. This sounds cliche, but it’s true. You feel more motivated to workout when you have the right clothes and gear to exercise in. So go splurge yourself on a few items from your favorite athletic wear store (my personal recommendation: Lululemon or Nike), or if you’re a shoeholic (which I’m also am … not good for my wallet at all), I recommend trying Brooks running shoes – they’re super comfortable.


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3.Take a nap. | I definitely need to tell this myself more often, but naps does wonders to your mood. Who knows? You may just feel upset and down because you’re lacking on your hours of sleep. Go set a timer for 30 minutes and sleep it out.


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4.Get yourself a bouquet of flowers | Or whatever that makes you feel spoiled. Personally, both my mom and I love getting flowers from the store to display in our house. The bright colors instantly lifts our moods up. So find whatever item that aesthetically pleases you.


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5. Buy a new song/album. | Instead of playing that one song you’re obsessed with on YouTube and having to annoyingly wait for the ads to pass or having to re-click the replay button numerous times, allow yourself to buy that song. Especially, if that’s song is Taylor Swift, because her songs are nowhere to be found on Spotify or Apple Music.


How do you usually deal with stress or rewards? 

xoxo, Stephanie


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