Raw Food and Acquiring Tastes

I used to not understand the raw, oil-free diet. How was it possible to eat uncooked veggies everyday? I remember when my mom used to force me to eat carrot sticks because they were “good for my eyes” or spinach because it was “healthy”. I associated food with pleasure, and I wondered how people could enjoy eating flavorless foods.

But when I started school again this year, I was inspired by Stephanie and the not so appealing hot food, to eat more salads. Before, I would only make a salad if it had avocado in it. I think the school lunch made me less of a picky-eater.

So when I started eating more salads, I used spinach, chickpeas, and sometimes grains like quinoa. Now, having regularly eaten this salad for about a month, I can say that chickpeas actually taste good!

As a form of Pavlovian conditioning, people can learn to like a certain food after eating it regularly. So, if you are eating a healthy food that you really don’t like, hang in there; you might end up liking it 🙂



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