Ten Minute Lunch: Chickpea Sandwich and Tofu


On Sundays, I come home starving after church. While there is snack after service, it’s not always the healthiest option (think potato chips, and supermarket cookies). So, I usually make this lunch to satisfy my hunger.


First, I butter one side of a slice of bread. Placing a slice of muenster cheese on the non-butter side, I place the bread butter-side up on a pan with low heat to melt the cheese, while not burning the bread, like a grilled cheese sandwich minus the top slice of bread. I toast the other slice of bread in a toaster, and then I prepareĀ the tofu.

For the tofu, I drain the water from the package, and then wrap up the tofu with multiple paper towels to squeeze out the water. I heat up a pan with olive oil, and slice the tofu into thin, square shape slices. Then I pan fry the tofu, flipping when one side is golden brown.

Meanwhile, I prep the sandwich filling. I drain some tuna and chickpeas, and I mash the tuna with one teaspoon of tartar sauce. When I don’t have tuna around, I usually mash some chickpeas with one tablespoon of tartar sauce. This vegetarian version really has the same taste.

When the tofu is ready (both sides golden brown, about 5 minutes), I turn off the heat and plate it with about a teaspoon of soy sauce (I’ve also heard that coconut aminos is an excellent low sodium substitute).

When the cheese is melted, I transfer the toast to a plate where I place a layer of spinach, tuna/chickpea mash, and more chickpeas, followed by the toasted bread.


What is your favorite quick lunch recipe?



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