What I Ate for Breakfast Friday

Breakfast can get boring sometimes. I mean, it’s pretty much the same food everyday: scrambled eggs with mushrooms and spinach, vanilla yogurt with granola and banana and almond milk. I even have this breakfast on the weekends. And yes, maybe it’s my fault for not experimenting more. I used to make chia seed puddings and pancakes, smoothie bowls, etc. But now that I am in high school, let’s just say time seems to shrink everyday.

Since I’m on spring break right now, I decided to bring back the Blogilates egg and banana pancake (circa 2012).

If you’ve never heard of this pancake I linked it above. Basically, I blended two eggs and one banana in my NutriBullet and cooked it on a pan. That’s it.


The result was quite delicious. Originally, I thought the portion size was too small, but it actually ended up being just enough to fill me up. Also, these pancakes are best made tiny, so it took me forever to cook them on a pan. So, a griddle would work a lot better. Overall, they were delicious with strawberries!

I also tried this Coconut Milk:


It was very tasty. Somewhat less creamy than what I am used to in almond milk, but very good and addicting 🙂

What is your favorite non-dairy milk?



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