My Top 3 Favorite Health YouTubers

It’s a true but embarrassing fact that I can spend hours on YouTube. However, one of my most used excuses for watching YouTube videos is that they are informative, at least in the health realm. So here are a few of my top favorite health YouTube channels.

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 10.20.20 AM.png

1.This Girl Audra | I love this YouTube channel because of the straightforward and candid manner in which Audra talks. While Audra focuses more on eating disorders and how to recover from it, I think everybody can take at least one thing out of her videos.


She talks everything from vegan diets, fixing your metabolism, getting your period back, to exercise addiction. My favorite series of hers is her “normal eating” series. It hits all the right points about how while it’s important to eat healthy, we should enjoy life as well. While this may be a bit TMI, one of my favorite analogies from her is that eating is just like any biological function, such as peeing. When we want to pee, we just go, right? We don’t pee halfway and then say, “No, I’ll pee later.” The same goes with eating. When you want to eat, you don’t just suppress that urge just like you wouldn’t suppress the urge to pee. Isn’t that an amazing analogy?


Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 10.20.45 AM.png

2.Josie Mai | Josie is such an upbeat person, that she’s infectious. She has been through so much (from eating disorder to binge eating to IIFYM to now intuitive eating), which makes her an even greater source for all things healthy from the inside and out. I love watching her vlogs because she accounts for her everyday healthy habits but in a real down-to-earth way. Her vlogs, just like Audra’s, doesn’t look staged but seems genuine, which I love.


Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 10.21.10 AM.png

3.Niomi Smart | A lot of you guys may have heard of Niomi Smart through her beauty videos, however, I’m more interested and in love with her Health/Fitness videos. Her videos are more edited and “professional” looking out of all the three, but sometimes her videos are a breath of fresh air after looking at the raw footages of Audra’s and Josie’s. Niomi does the bestWhat I eat in a day” videos, and she’s currently training for the London Marathon (so I might be a bit bias in loving her so much since I’m a distance runner too). In addition, Niomi and her former boyfriend Marcus Butler (another YouTuber) have started a snacking service full of healthy and natural snacks called SourcedBox.


What are your favorite health channels on YouTube?



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