NYC Day Trip: MOMA and more


IMG_2577 (1)
The view from MOMA

Traveling to New York City is one of my favorite things to do because of the city’s amazing food, cute shops, and famous museums. This past Saturday, I went on a day trip, starting at Juicy Cube, a juice bar also selling smoothies and bubble tea.




I had a Thai Iced Bubble Tea which I shared with my friend. It was very refreshing and delicious! I would definitely recommend visiting Juicy Cube because of their quick service and amazing variety of drinks. Next time, I definitely want to try the young coconut blends because they use the meat and water of a fresh coconut.


Next, I went to the Museum of Modern Art. My favorite exhibit was called A Japanese Constellation, which showcased Japanese architects’ designs and buildings.

I also saw numerous well known paintings such as the work of Vincent Van Gogh and Frida Kahlo.

Finally, I walked to the Midtown Momofuku Milk Bar. I was absolutely elated to finally try the desserts at the Milk Bar because I have heard so much about this bakery!

I ended up ordering a cereal milk soft serve and a pack of three birthday cake “truffles”. The cereal milk soft serve tasted very similar to a mainly Asian drink called Ovaltine that I had in Hong Kong. It satisfied my sweet tooth and it was refreshing, but I don’t quite understand the popularity of cereal milk…I probably would not order this again. However, the birthday cake truffles tasted exactly like a Funfetti cake, without all the cringe-worthy ingredients! Overall, I think the trip to the Milk Bar was an exciting experience (complete with a 30 minute wait), and if you haven’t been there, definitely go!

I had a wonderful time with my friends in NYC. Where should I visit next time I head to New York?



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