Smoothies 101


Smoothie bowls/Smoothies/Nice Cream (they are all essentially the same thing, only with different consistencies)!

The basis of all the smoothies that I make are blending fruit, vegetable (usually spinach) and liquid  (nut milk, water, coconut water). Sometimes, I add other ingredients like a handful of nuts, seeds, greek yogurt, and acai berry powder.

Smoothie bowls come in all different colors, which change based on the ingredients that you put in. For example, if you add kale, the smoothie will be green. If you add raspberries, the smoothie will be pinkish red. It makes sense. Tip: Don’t mix colors that will make brown! (ex. raspberries-red and spinach-green). The difference between smoothies and smoothie bowls is that the spoonable texture uses frozen fruit. Play around with the amount of liquid used for a more liquid texture.

I’ve seen tons of Instagram posts of smoothie bowls. I’m obsessed with taking a screenshot of the ones that look delicious! Eye candy:) Here are my favorite few:

12950265_1721462298098138_672336320_nNice cream is very similar to smoothie bowls, but they are just thicker, and resemble the texture of ice cream (minus the fat and dairy). In general, the key that I use to thickening the smoothie to make it spoonable like ice cream is frozen banana. Frozen bananas  act like ice cubes to make the smoothie cold, are a thickening agent, and add sweetness. There are so many different recipe variations. Here are some combinations I use:

Banana Chocolate Chip: Frozen banana+Almond Milk+Raw Cacao Nibs or Dark Chocolate on top

Raspberry: Frozen Raspberries+Acai Berry Powder+Almond Milk

Berry: Frozen raspberries+Frozen blueberries+Acai Berry Powder+Almond Milk

Chocolate: Frozen banana+Cacao Powder

Mango: Frozen mango+Almond Milk

Smoothie bowls/Smoothies/Nice Cream are great to have for breakfast, snack, dessert, or just to cool down on a hot summer day. Add chia seeds and store in the fridge overnight for an extra healthy kick!

What are your favorite combinations?








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