Summer Health & Fitness Goal

For a lot of girls, summer = bikini body. However, for me this “bikini body” thing does not appeal to me. I would always choose feeling energized, vibrant, and robust while not having the “cover-girl” body over feeling weak and tired and being sickly thin.

I’m not saying I don’t like looking great, but, if I could only choose one thing, I would rather feel great inside than look great.

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With that being said, my summer health/fitness goals are:


  • Get rid of the skinny mentality and replace with strong and fit mentality. | This means less cardio and more weight/strength training = >  weight/strength training two times a week + cardio three times a week


    • Last summer, I would do 40 minutes of running in the morning, three hours of tennis and some yoga. In other words, cardio and stretching but no strength training whatsoever. I did get my desired “thinness” but I constantly felt weak and tired.
    • This goal is also influenced by Serena – we were talking once, before spring break, of how we get intimidated by lifting weights because 1) we think it’ll bulk us up (which I learned it doesn’t) and 2) we’re scared to lift weights when they’re these buff guys lifting 100 pound dumbbells on one arm each, next to us.
  • Intuitive eating | This is an extension off of my previous post, but intuitive eating is just the same as anything: easier said than done.
    • Serena has been a real trooper about keeping me in check about this. When we’re eating dinner and I say, “Ugh, I’m not even hungry, but I want some yogurt.” She turns to me and says, “Remember, intuitive eating!” It’s such a simple reminder, yet so effective. (I encourage you guys to tell your health/fitness goals to someone you trust or spend a lot of time with so they can remind you from time to time.)


As you can see, my summer goal is not for me to reach a certain number on a scale or for me to fit into a certain article of clothing or certain clothing size, but about how I feel and how I perform.


From my experience last summer where I lost 20 pounds from tracking and restricting my calories to a mere 1200 when I ran two miles every morning and did 3 hours of tennis daily, I was just not happy. When I went to visit Korea, aka Food Haven, I restricted myself so much, that every day was a struggle and an emotional roller coaster. I learned from summer 2015, that life is meant to be enjoyed and that while, yes, it’s important to be healthy, emotional health is as important if not more important than my physical health. For me, if my emotional health is poor then my physical health becomes even poorer.


So for all of those girls and guys out there who want to have the “summer bod,” I URGE you to rethink. Having a summer health/fitness goal is great, but make sure that this goal is not about your physical appearance but more about your emotional wellbeing.


What are you hoping to accomplish this summer?




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