How My Mom Shaped My Eating Choices

This is two weeks late (as in typical Stephanie fashion) but in celebration of Mother’s Day, I wanted to talk about how my mom has shaped my eating choices.


To start off, I would say that I was the typical child who would have loved to eat the SAD (Standard American Diet) while growing up. I was that kid who would gobble down those birthday cupcakes or devour bags of chips outside of the house. Now, that’s the key words – outside the house.

It’s funny, looking back now, but I distinctly remember getting into a fight with my mom after school about how we never have any chips or “junk food” in our house. My after school snack comprised of fruits or goguma (a Korean sweet potato that I absolutely love eating plain or blending together in a smoothie!), instead of chips and whatnot like my other friends.

Anyways, she was the one in my family who called juices off-limits – so the only beverages in our fridge have been and still is water and sometimes sparkling water. She never let me have peanut butter. She always bought chicken breasts or meats from humanely treated sources, like Whole Foods. I have never eaten a Tyson chicken nugget, I’ve never been to a Chick-Fil-A, and when my dad took me and my friend to McDonald’s once, the house that night was not a good night (aka, huge fight between my parents)

Now don’t get me wrong, she loves chocolate and ice cream and juice as anybody (actually I think she loves it more than others – she gets cold really easily yet she insists on having ice cream…that shows some serious love), but I think her dedication to keeping her family healthy was made her create those “rules.”

And her dedication paid off. Now I love fruits and don’t crave chips or junk food. However, funny enough, from time to time, I crave ice cream and chocolate – are cravings genetic?

So, although this isn’t the only thing I thank my amazing and wonderful mom for, I thank her for the eating habits and cravings that she has created in me.

Who shaped your eating habits?




P.S.: In regards to the question, I know many of my family friends who have immigrated as college students or young adults to America from Korea, such as my parents, have had their eating habits changed after coming to America and encountering the SAD. They mention how their portion sizes have gotten bigger, how they drink soft drinks, or how they eat dessert as a every night thing and not a once in a month thing.


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