A Foodie’s Summer Bucket List

Serena and I officially only have nine days of school left until summer left!!! (Insert “person raising both hands in celebration” emoji). But of course … these nine days are also going to include the dreaded finals week (cue in the groaning).

However, in order to distract myself from my impending fate (I really need to study), I decided to create bucket list for the summer, foodie edition.

But first, I’m super excited to eat my favorite summer fruits again at my own freedom without being “punished” (is that too strong of a word?) by the dining hall’s paltry selection of fruit.

So … I’m excited for …

Watermelon | I love watermelon so much my mom has to buy two big watermelons each week at Costco #noshame

Cherries | despite the annoying pits you have to spit out

Avocados | Whaddya expect?

Bingsoo | These are Korean shaved ice cream with red beans and an assortment of toppings on top. I’ll be travelling to Seoul, Korea this summer so I’ll definitely be eating lots of these. I’ll make sure to take lots of food pics in Korea and share on the blog, don’t worry. 🙂

This is one out of many bingsoos I had last summer in Korea. The picture simply doesn’t do its justice
This picture isn’t mine, but this one and the strawberry one in the back are all variations of the popular bingsoo. Aren’t your mouths salivating? Because mine are!











Korean grapes | These are the best grapes. They are somewhat annoying in that you have to spit out the skin and the little seeds inside them, but they’re super juicy and big, I don’t mind!

Can you see how BIG that grape is???

Mango and Durian | These are together because I’m visiting the Philippines as well this summer. My family lived in the Philippines for three years when I was in early elementary school, so it will be a definitely nostalgic and delicious trip for sure. Mangos in the Philippines are definitely da best. In my memories, I remember I didn’t like Durian but my mom would love them that our car would always smell bad (if you didn’t know, Durian has a naturally bad smell). I’m hoping that when I go back older and with more “mature” tastebuds, I’ll grow to love Durian.

Even looking at it, I’m still a bit hesitant.

Seafood | Along with going to Seoul and the Philippines, my parents and I are taking my grandparents to Namhae, Korea, an island known as the “treasure island,” but most importantly with good food. My grandfather is a fan of seafood, so I know I’ll be getting lots of amazing quality seafood when I’m around with him!

Namhae, S.Korea – Now that is just a treat to the eyes



For the bucket list part …

Try an Acai bowl | These have been all the rage lately and I’m low-key (actually high-key) disappointed that I have not yet tried these. There are two places both in DC and Korea that I’ve been eyeing on in Instagram and I’m hoping I can convince my parents to take me there!

Acai Bowl from SOUTH BLOCK (D.C.)
bad farmers.jpg
Acai Bowl from Bad Farmers (S.Korea)








Trying almond butter/Making almond butter | I credit this to Serena. She talks All. The. Time. about almond butter. I’ve been trying the natural peanut butter in our dining hall and enjoying it, so hopefully this summer I can try almond butter, but also make some as well!

Creating a food instagram account | This has been on Serena’s and my mind ever since we started our blog. Our friends have been telling us to create one because they always talk about how pretty our plates look. What do you think?

Go vegan for a week | Now I love my seafood (as probably shown above) and meat, but I’m curious as to what food choices I have when I go vegan. Any tips from vegans on how to go about this?


Ack! Just even typing this blog post up makes me salivate for summer. I seriously cannot wait for summer.


What are your summer plans?




5 thoughts on “A Foodie’s Summer Bucket List

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    1. I haven’t tried durian in such a long time (I haven’t been to the Philippines since I was three and the Philippines is the home of durians). My moms LOVES them, so I know I’m definitely trying one this summer! Maybe I’ll join your durian-convert club!


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  1. Wow, I love your summer plans and everything on it seems to make me jump with excitement. This is the first post of yours I am reading, but I love every word of it. I want to go to S.Korea and eat a well deserved bingsu ! hope all your plans goes well ❤


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