“AjU Masshittda”

To those in the States, Happy Fourth!

Today is the second installment of my trip to Korea in June (I seriously can’t believe a month of summer vacation has flown by already).

While last week’s post was titled, “Masshittda”, today’s post is “Aju Masshittda” (아주 맛있다) means “very delicious,” and that’s exactly what today’s post entails.

Just a warning, the second part is going to be more dense in terms of photos because the last 11 days had more delicious foods and meals than the first 11.

Ready? Let’s jump right in!


My family went to watch a baseball game (we watched Doosan vs. LG, if there are any readers who are Korean baseball fans). Probably one of my favorite nights in Korea. Korean baseball is da best. You just cannot beat the cheering and energy compared to American baseball. If the loudness of an American baseball game is a library then a Korean one is a busy NYC street.

Instead of eating the convenient fried chicken and comfort food that gets delivered right to your seat at a phone call, my family brought Kimbab (a Korean version of sushi).


(Restaurant: Go Bong Min Kimbab [고봉민 김밥])

My whehalmoni’s sweetly set up an “American” breakfast for me because I couldn’t swallow a full on Korean meal with rice and all for breakfast.


^These are the huge Korean grapes I talked about in my bucket list — so so good. And these are raspberries – don’t they look so different than the ones in the US? And then a green smoothie made by my whehalmoni with a gazillion of superfoods — it’s a very interesting and powerful taste to say the least.

Of course – I had to have my sushi


(Restaurant: Jamsil Lotte Food Court – B1 level)

And another sushi dinner (these four rolls in total were less than $10)


(Restaurant: Hyundai Department Store Food Court @ Coex, 삼성동)

I’ve also had my fair share of delicious drinks. First, a mango smoothie and then a Taro milk tea with tapioca shells. Both tasted like heaven



^Bubble Tea from Gongcha (Taro flavor)

The following day, I had to go to the hospital and before I left the hospital, I had a quick pick me up – yogurt in a bottle – before the afternoon events. (Isn’t it funny that brands have to insist that they’re products are “real”?)


I then met up with my aunts at the mall and we had Japanese style lunch.












(Restaurant: Hyundai Department Outlet Food Court @ 동대문)

Then my mom and I had dinner with her high school friend. It was Vietnam style meal. It’s funny. We come to Korea and eat other Asian cuisine.


(Restaurant: Pho Bay @ Coex, 삼성동)

The next day, our family trip to Namhae (남해 – an island south of Korea) commenced! I was super excited as this was the first time (except our family’s Jeju island trip in 2013) that I’ve gone somewhere else than Seoul!

Of course, we needed to fuel ourselves during the road trip. We decided to eat at the Korean province where the famous bibimbap was founded – Junju (전주). The restaurant was surreal. The meal was served in bronze bowls, just like the olden days, that were immensely heavy.

The golden bowls stacked up:



(Restaurant: 가족회관)

After safely arriving at Namhae, we ate eel and mussels for dinner as seafood is any island’s speciality. The mussel soup my grandfather drank ALL of it.


(Restaurant: 해바리 장어)

Kinda random, but there was lychee at the hotel breakfast buffet bar.


The last noteworthy meal of our family’s trip to Namhae was lunch coming back up to Seoul at my grandparents’ hometown: Jinju (진주). Another eel place.


And that’s it for my Korea trip. After Namhae, after three days in Korea packing and last minute catching up with more friends, we headed off for the States.

This trip was definitely one for the books!

Have you tried any of these meals before?



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