Fitness Motivation

How is everybody going along with their summer fitness plan?

Personally, I have to say that fitting in my runs have been quite difficult. I have had debate camp from 9am to 6pm every single day (including Saturday and Sunday) and now I’m starting an MUN camp from 9am to 5pm for a week.

And then these camps require homework and I also have a two hour math tutor lesson thing every Tuesday and Friday, so yeah, my schedule has only allowed me to run at 6:40 in the morning.


It’s really hard waking up every morning when my alarm rings at 6:30 and I know that technically, I can sleep in till 8am without being late to my camps. However, I’ve been hammering myself with motivation and encouragement that it’s been much easier to wake up at 6:30 and just do it.


So here are some of my tips and tricks:

For those who are training for the fall sports season | I definitely fall in this category. I’m currently training for cross-country, hence a lot of running (I’ve been running around 23 miles/week for three weeks).

Motivation for this category is relatively simple. You have to work hard now, so that you don’t fall behind others when you go to preseason or when you start your season.

I think people can agree with a resounding consensus, that it sucks to feel the “slow” or the “uncoordinated” player of the team. Now in XC, I’m going to be the slowest runner, that’s a fact. The girls on my XC team are the same girls that were with me on the winter track team last year and I know for a fact that I am the slowest. However, my motivation is rooted in the fact that I don’t want to be too slow. Yes, I will be slow, but I don’t want to be incredibly slow. Does that make sense?

So whether you’re the worst, best, or in-between of the team, you want to work hard because eventually it’s going to pay off.


For those who are doing it for health or weight loss | Just start slow. No need to get stellar split times and you don’t have to exercise for a certain time or goal. Thus, I recommend just getting your butt of that bed, change into your exercise clothes, and just walk. Yep, that’s it. WALK.

Every summer I visit Korea; I realize again the profound benefit of walking. The majority of people in Korea walk. With the benefits of technology, I was able to track my steps whilst in Korea and my daily average was 12,000 steps. And let me tell you, those 12,000 steps do go somewhere.

And this doesn’t just apply to Korea, but in other countries like Italy. When my friends and I visited Italy during spring break of our eighth grade year, we were perplexed at how Italians could eat such carby and rich stuff, yet remain so slim. But it’s the walking I’m telling ya.

So even a short 20-30 minute walk will provide so much useful to you. You don’t even have to powerwalk (although that’ll be nice). Just start walking.

The point is, for people in this category, it’s not so much the quality of your exercise, but more about the quantity of your exercise. To be healthy or to lose weight, it’s important to exercise often and the exercise well part comes later.


In general | Sometimes, to be honest, these advices doesn’t work. But sometimes, the most brutally simple works the best.

As Nike says best, “JUST DO IT.” My personal advice with this is to just repeat this slogan in your head over and over again.

Also, just keep positive and happy. Stop complaining and just do it. It’s for your own benefit. This hard work and toil that you’re doing, 100% of the result goes to you and no one else.


On a side note, here’s a couple of interesting tidbits happening so far.


My mom surprised me when she got this organic kale power while we were in Korea. Ever since coming back from Korea, she’s been making me a goguma smoothie with a tablespoon of this powder. Can’t even taste it!


I’ve seriously don’t have enough time that I’ve been eating my salad dinners on the go. (I guess Serena have telepathy – both using chicken salad for meals this week!)


What motivation do you use to workout?




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