“One for all, all for one!”

This famous quote from The Three Musketeers couldn’t be more befitting of today’s post.

I had another post scheduled for today but today’s topic is super special to me that I decided to blog about this instead.

It’s obvious that I’m a true health aficionado and junkie. However, when I started my health journey last March, I didn’t expect my parents to later on join on. Much to my surprise (and joy), they’ve started changing their habits to more healthier ones without me forcing or telling them to. They changed out of just seeing the benefits I’ve been reaping.

Thus the quote “One for all, all for one.” This lifestyle change started with one musketeer (me) and soon had the two musketeers join.

I wanted to write this blog post to remind all those out there that you DON’T have to force your loved ones to eat as healthy or be as active as you. It will come naturally with time. I promise.


Growing up, my parents weren’t ridiculously unhealthy but weren’t amazingly healthy either. We had our fair share of all sorts. Chips, juices, and ice cream were a common norm in our grocery cart. In fact, I remember that my favorite part of going to the grocery store was getting permission from my mom to let me go to the chips aisle and buy two bags of chips.

At the same time, my family LOVES fruit. Our dessert was never a brownie, ice cream, or baked good, but heaping servings of fruit. Meanwhile, the three of us were notorious for finishing the family size of chips and jumbo size ice cream tubs in one sitting.

So when I decided to eat and live more healthfully (if you want me to share my full and in-depth story of WHY I decided to go healthy, please comment down below or like this post so I know!) relinquishing these main staples (i.e. ice cream, chips, refined bread, etc) was extremely hard. And it’s not like when I decided I wouldn’t eat them the foods disappeared. No, since my parents continued to eat like they used to, these tempting foods were in my plain sight.

My parents made it very clear when I changed to eating more healthy that if I didn’t want them critiquing my food, then I would NOT bother them about what they were eating either. So the meals the three of us had were quite varied to say the least. While watching a movie together, I would be sipping water while my parents on either sides of me were loudly munching on their chips (in some regards I feel like they made their chewing much louder to tempt me, hehe).

Anyways after a year now, I wouldn’t go to say that my parents changed 180, but they’ve changed nonetheless.

We do not have a single item of chips, ice cream, or any “unhealthy” foods in our house. The only unhealthy foods in our house are leftovers from dinner parties that guests brought such as cake.

My parents both go to the gym regularly – my mom goes to the gym and workouts for at least an hour 3-4 times a week. My dad – goes running every other night. Mind you, these people were so inactive that we were considering of canceling our sports club membership because we would maybe go to the gym once a month. Even more so, my dad who’s currently on a business trip, went to the gym at his hotel – something that would be unheard for him.

Eating wise, they’ve changed. My dad – who was a big proponent of licking clean your plate, always leaves half of his rice. Now this is shocking to a Korean where rice is the foundation of your meal. My dad HATED, LOATHED the oatmeal I prepared every morning for breakfast. But all of a sudden, he asked me to make oatmeal for him.

Also, very recently, he asked me, “Stephanie, what’s worse: rice or flour?”

This question made me so proud of him. Not only does he realize that they are different kinds of carbs (complex and simple) but that he realizes how much one’s diet is important is to their life.

So with that, I’m going to end this lengthy blog post. But I hope that the one thing you can take away is that forcing will never work. If you set the best example of what a healthy lifestyle can look and feel like from the inside and out, it will work wonders in your family.


How has your attempts to change your

loved one’s habits gone?




P.S.: I’m not sure if any of you guys noticed, but my sweet mom (who was reading our blog) noticed that for a lot of the blog posts that I wrote, the pictures were NOT loading. I apologize for this. I deleted the images for the majority of my blog posts from the WordPress media library and didn’t realize until now that it meant that those pictures would be deleted from my blog posts as well. I have no way of recovering these images so I hope you still enjoy my blog posts without the images.

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