Weekly Clean Eating Costco Haul

Costco is our family’s best friend. Like seriously.

Even though we’re a family of three (or mostly a family of two since I’m away at school), we still renew our Costco membership every year because there is such a wide variety of selections and the major selling point – it’s cheap! Also, we have a pretty big appetite, so we usually have to go to Costco once a week.

Now just because things are in bulk and they are in cheap, doesn’t mean that it’s not healthy. In fact, besides the staples that we solely buy from Whole Foods, my family gets most of our foods from Costco.

And let me tell you guys, our family has changed. The family that used to buy all the types of chips and juices and ice cream and pastries sold in bulk in Costco now pulls a cart filled with healthy goodness.

So here’s my family’s “WEEKLY (CLEAN EATING) COSTCO HAUL”

First off: fruit fruit fruit. I am always pleasantly surprised at the freshness of Costco’s fruits. Berries are delicate fruits in that they get easily rotten. However, I find that Costco’s berries are of the same quality as my local grocery store or Whole Foods.

Pictured here from left to right: strawberries, cherries, two cartons of blueberries, blackberries, tomatoes, avocado.

*Just a quick note: we get two boxes of blueberries since we found out they tend to rot the slowest while we don’t get raspberries since they rot the quickest. It’s all thinking my friends.



“Deep Green Blends package – organic blend of tender baby kale, chard, and spinach”

My family has been OBSESSED with making smoothies lately. I have a cup or two at least once a day. So greens are a must. This bag is massive but with our daily smoothies and salads, we go through the bag really quickly. I’m so proud because in the past we use to throw away the small plastic Earthbound Organics boxes because they were rotten from our not eating them.



Peaches and mangos.

I have a sweet tooth but not for candy but for fruit. I LOVE mango and peaches so much that my mom has to set a daily amount for me. These peaches smelled so good so we had to buy two boxes. Aren’t the colors of mangos and peaches divine?



(Dave’s Killer Bread Organic – 21 Whole Grains and Seeds)

Of course – carbs. Carbs are your best friend and my family loves buying bread from Costco because they come in two loaves. We don’t have a specific preference for bread but this is what we’ve been eating.


Coconut water. I used to HATE coconut water. When I used to live in the Philippines, I was given the chance to drink it straight from the coconut but I clearly remember me repulsing from the taste. But now I love it and my parents are hooked as well. When we all come back from the gym, it’s a race between the three of us of who can get to the coconut water first. Hehe



Last but not least, Serena’s and my  first love: yogurt! I actually hated Fage plain yogurt when I was young. It was way too bitter. However, I’ve grown to love it know and now I repulse at the taste of artificially sweet flavored yogurt. Also, Greek is my favorite as the dairy part is more dense. It’s just less water and more protein!

So that’s what I have for my Costco haul! We usually buy two watermelons a week from Costco (I am a watermelon monster) but my mom already chopped them up while I was taking the photo. But I think you guys know how big Costco’s watermelons are. And also, my mom has tried several grocery stores for watermelon but we’ve learned the hard way (white colored watermelon is the worst) that Costco has the best ones.

Can’t wait to start eating these goodies or concocting meals with them this week! But most of all, I’m even more excited for a Costco trip this weekend! I swear, I’m the most happiest when I’m at Costco – entering Costco, shopping at Costco, and heading home with a trunk full of goodies.


What do you usually get at Costco?






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