Study Snacks from Home

Not only am a pretty passionate foodie, I’m a passionate snacker. Sitting in class all day long, hauling my massively heavy backpack around campus, plus studying well into the late late night, means I need something to nibble on to keep me energized and efficient. And of course, hangry is never a state that you or your friends want to see you in.

File_000 (8).jpeg

ONE// Almonds

I have a love and hate relationship with almonds. I love their taste but I hate how they are so energy dense that I am allowed to only have a handful. Read: allowed. This means that I usually get carried away and have more than handful. My mom was very wary when I didn’t have her put a handful of almonds in separate ziploc bags so I could portion control and instead dump them in one ziploc. Hopefully, I can control myself better this year!!!


TWO// Granola

I am a huge proponent of eating breakfast. It keeps your blood sugar level in a much more manageable state but also fuels you for the school day ahead. My personal favorite is muesli (as seen in my obsessions from the summer). The dining hall at my school has almond milk but unfortunately has a very sugary granola, so I brought the granola from home. I portion controlled these beforehand so all I have to do in the morning is to just stick it in my bag on the way to breakfast.


THREE // Granola Bars

I love granola bars …. however, you have to keep an eye out on granola bars because some are not as healthy as they are rumored to be.

My personal favorites are the KIND bars that are sold in Costco. I recently found a new favorite (at Costco, of course) in the Kashi brand. They are similar in taste to the Nature Valley Honey and Oats bars but less thick so it’s much much easier to chew.


FOUR // Coconut Water

I’m all about hydration and there’s nothing more hydrating than coconut water. Again, I got these from Costco (guess where my favorite grocery store is???) and they are super convenient as they come in a 12-pack in the mini size instead one big bottle. You definitely get lazy to even wash a mug, so having the coconut water easily drinkable right then and there is always a plus.


File_000 (7).jpeg

FIVE// Tea

I guess I’m going more towards study drinks than snacks, but I personally love tea. I don’t drink coffee (and don’t plan on drinking any in the future), but sometimes you need an energizing drink. Or sometimes, I drink tea to stop eating. The ginger tea (the two green ones on the left) and the red ginseng tea are both have a strong taste so they definitely suppress my appetite.


What’s your favorite study snacks? Any I should try out?



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