Eating Smart with a Busy Schedule

It’s been a couple weeks since school started, and I’m already experiencing the stresses of classes. The amount of homework, tests, and papers is overwhelming, and it’s difficult to maintain healthy eating habits. The thing that hurts me the most is definitely midnight smacking. Admittedly, food can be my way of relieving stress-at least temporarily. 

But here are some of the ways that have helped me avoid midnight snacking:

1. Log your eating habits. It feels satisfying to look at a log that you’re proud of, so less snacks=accomplishment!

2. Study in an area that prevents you from accessing the food easily. For example, a room on another floor with the door locked. Believe it or not, the various motions you have to do to get to the food might just take long enough for you to dissuade yourself from eating.

3. Brush your teeth before studying! You won’t be tempted to eat because 1, you would have to brush your teeth again which is annoying, and 2, when you’re (finally) done with homework for the night, you can go to sleep right away rather than wasting time in the bathroom. This is definitely the best tip that I can give because it has helped me SO MANY TIMES! 

Ok, I hope those tips helped! What is your method for reducing the temptation of midnight snacking?



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