I am … a creature of habit


Even when it comes to food.

So that means my menu day to day is exactly the same. In a way, it’s good because my stomach doesn’t get upset and my energy levels are consistent. Being a runner but also just generally a student, I demand a lot of energy to function.

Of course, as seasons come and go, my meals may look sort of different, but as of right now, this is what my three square meals + snack are looking while at boarding school (aka college dining hall).


BREAKFAST// I mentioned this in last week’s post, but I bring granola from home as it is less sugary than the ones served in the dining hall. My breakfast is probably the one that stays the most static as my main priority in the morning is about getting my homework done not what I’m eating.

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So here’s ¾ cup of granola (Nature’s Path Pumpkin Flax Granola) and lots and lots of almond milk (you’ll see soon that I love my almond milk. With banana sliced on top and some fruit on the side.


LUNCH// My lunch is my “carb-y” meal. This meal is what fuels me for my cross country practice later in the day. The combination is always a sandwich plus a side salad. However, there’s some variation as the salad bar toppings can vary.

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Here’s is a sandwich with two pieces of multi-grain bread with either a basil pesto or roasted red pepper spread with tomatoes and spinach. And salads … the combinations are just too much.


DINNER// Dinner is my salad and green meal. I go straight to dinner right after my cross-country practice so I’m definitely craving for something lighter and not too heavy.

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SNACK// This was discussed in more detail in last week’s post, but I usually snack on a granola bar and a handful of almonds in between my meals.

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HYDRATE// And of course! I gug at least 3 of my 32 fl.oz HydroFlasks on a daily basis. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!!!


What is your go-to meal for the school year?



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