Importance of Sleep

This week has been a crazy one. For six days in a row, I’ve gotten consistently 6.5 hours of sleep or less. Sophomore year has definitely taken a toll on me. I stay up late for homework and wake up early to finish that same homework. I’ve been so sleep deprived that this Wednesday, I was at our school’s health center for medical leave and got two hours of much needed sleep. Since Monday till that afternoon, I was just feeling out of it. I got a fever/cold starting Sunday evening. I was physically tired (read: walking was hard), I had little appetite, I was getting so little sleep, and I had cross country practice where I would run 6 miles. I was so torn and exhausted that I let myself go and ate things that were definitely naughty – bowls and bowls of cereal, multiple servings of seconds/thirds/fourths, and snacking. This all leads to the importance of sleep.


Yes, time is precious, but we (especially me) need to make sleeping a priority. As students, this might mean to be more efficient with homework, sacrificing time with friends, or cutting back on extracurriculars and even utilizing those small breaks.


Our bodies need the time to recuperate, energize, and rest. I just wanted to write this important reminder (that I myself need to adopt) as we are well into the school year and our stretch into Thanksgiving Break.


Are you sleep-deprived?





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  1. Ohhhh I sooo relate to this post! College was the same way for me- especially when nursing clinicals were thrown into the mix. I would be so thrown off, come back, nap, eat dinner at weird hours and I felt like my body’s rhythm was so thrown off without that sleep! It’s all about learning, having a game plan, and forgiving yourself because you are doing your gosh darn best!! Hope you can find some rest soon, dear!


    1. Hey Mack! I feel like I haven’t “talked” to you in such awhile! With school kicking in full throttle, I’ve been having a hard time keeping this blog up to date. So much so that sleep has definitely been on the back burner, but I learned from this experience that I need to prioritize on sleep. Even now currently, I have a stress fracture from running (which is completely beside the point from sleep, but it goes to show how much I DON’T listen to my body and keep on either running or not sleep). Thanks for all the love. Hopefully, I’ll get back into the swing of things!

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      1. Oh, trust me, I totally understand that!!!!! It’s nice to see a post from you whenever you have the chance! I really hope that stress fracture heals up soon- NO FUN. You are a tough cookie, hope you can get some much needed rest soon. Have a wonderful rest of your week, Stephanie ! xo


  2. Hi Stephanie, I hope you get better with your fracture (forgot to comment this in the last post). and I couldn’t agree more about the importance of sleep. I am a nursing student just like Mack, and during the start of the school year I got a job, a volunteer work, and many other things. I used to practice yoga every day, draw once in a while, but after school started with all the work load, everything came crashing down, my sleep life, fitness life, mind , soul everything. I realized I wasn’t getting enough sleep and tried to do so many things at once. I broke down, and quit my job, and slowly starting to get better. Not only was my sleep lacking but I realized I wasn’t doing anything with my best ability due to lack of energy. So ya, I agree with you 10000000%. thanks for sharing this post. it is so encouraging and a good reminder to ourselves that self care is #1.

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    1. Hi Betty! Thanks so much for the sweet message. I think our society seems to send the message that the only way to succeed is with less sleep and more time. However, we need sleep. Easier said than done. Hopefully both of us will get into a pattern that is healthy for us!

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