Black Friday Wishlist

I normally don’t talk about shopping or fashion on the blog, however, I do believe that workout clothes play a huge impact in exercise. First off, workout clothes that fit right and flatter you are always great motivation factors to go workout. Also, having leggings that ride down or sports bras that don’t give that much great coverage makes the workout an unpleasant experience.

Here below is my Wishlist for Black Friday. Read: Wish. I’m not going to lie, workout clothes are expensive, but a girl can dream, right?


I think Nike has been upping their game in recent years. Their workout clothes look very sophisticated that they are a close match to lululemon (which I will talk about later). Personally, I have a Nike outlet 30 minutes away from me so I get most of my Nike gear at the outlet store. I have never bought a full price Nike item. Thus, the items listed down here are items that I have EITHER gotten years previous at Nike outlet stores and love OR would love to get my hands on.

Air Zoom Odyssey 2 (currently on sale!)
Air Zoom Structure 20 Shield 
Air Zoom Pegasus 33

These three shoes are the running shoes that I’ve run in. I don’t have any bad things to say about them. I’ll be talking about running shoes more in depth (about what to look for depending on what runner you are and so forth) this Friday. So keep posted! And as a plus, the Air Zoom Odyssey is currently on sale!

Nike Power Legendary

I LOVE the Nike Legendary leggings. They are as good or if not better than lululemon’s leggings. It’s hard to describe why they are so good, but they just are. They are uber stretchy but at the same time, they compress you in. They mold to your legs and when you run around, there is NO restrictions but complete freedom and flexibility. Trust me. They are legendary, as the name says.

Nike Power Epic Lux

These epic lux tights are also AMAZING. They are a different feel than the Legendary ones but equally as worthy of being obsessed over.



Lululemon is the other brand that I have heart eyeballs about. They are definitely pricier than Nike but also they barely ever go on sale. You really have to look at the “We Made Too Much” page (aka their sale page) for discounted pieces.Thus, I only have a few select lululemon pieces in my wardrobe. Just note that the sizing in lulu runs extremely small. I tend to have to go at least two or even three sizes up.

In regards to Black Friday however, I do know that they might not have a Black Friday sale per se, but they are going to have a lot of marked down pieces. The lululemon store near me is opening at midnight for Black Friday. I’m definitely going!

Screen Shot 2016-11-23 at 10.34.10 AM.png
Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve Crew

I really, really want this long sleeve. It looks so nice on the girls on my cross country team. When I went to the store, the shirt was actually thinner than I thought it would be. It was so thin I couldn’t justify paying $78 for it. Still, I want it!


Wunder Under Pant III

Here is the much hyped about lululemons leggings. The hype is real though. I absolutely adore my lulu leggings. I have one from about two years ago and still wear them to death (Serena knows). My lulu leggings have become my good luck leggings so I wear them to all my finals. But I also wear these leggings daily (so much that it’s kind of embarassing…)


Define Jacket (sale!)

Here is a lulu item that is on sale. I actually have a very similar one in black and I love it! It’s not super thick but also not super thin so it’s perfect to layer on during runs or on brisk fall days. Also, it’s tight in a good way that it compresses you in. (Just note that while this jacket is on sale [$118 –> $89], it’s on FINAL sale)

Scuba Hoodie III (sale!!)


I think the Scuba Hoodie is another classic lulu item. I have an older version and use it to death during the winter. It’s super thick but also compresses you in so it’s really warm. I love using it for runs outside during the winter or a long study session.

Hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving and a safe Black Friday shopping!

What is your favorite workout clothes store?



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