What I Ate Over Thanksgiving Break

Today marks the end of Thanksgiving day for me. (insert sobbing emoji here)

However, over the course of my 10-day Thanksgiving break, I had lots of good food. One of the perks of being back home is that you get home-cooked meals but you also get to pick and choose what you want to eat.

Thanksgiving Break for me is truly a delicious and sumptuous break.

Warning: picture overload but also A LOT of avocado toasts. I think I almost had an avocado toast every day #noshame

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Surprisingly, while avocado toast, sushi, or more elaborate Korean dishes are on the top of my want-to-eat-while-at-home list, this break, the first thing I wanted was to eat a simple kimbab (Korean version of sushi).

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Of course, my mom made her signature namul (general term for Korean seasoned vegetable dishes). The one on the top is eggplant and the one on the bottom is soybean sprouts. They are SOOO good. I probably devoured half of these containers on my own…

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This is the Korean-American Thanksgiving way. The only “Thanksgiving” items we had were the asparagus, mashed potatoes, ham, and the turkey (which was still in the oven). The majority was Korean dishes. I definitely was not complaining – I missed Korean food too much!


Before I start with my avocado toasts, can we just take a moment and admire the pure goodness of this avocado? I’m usually the one to use a lot of filters for photos both on the blog and on our Instagram (follow us on @avolicious_blog), but for this picture, I just let the picture do its justice. Ahhh….avocado never ever gets old.


Processed with VSCO with c1 presetHere is avocado toast #1. Disappointedly, as my mom and I buy our avocado in bulk from Costco, usually the first avocado is very hard while the last one becomes overly ripe and mushy. So this was the first avocado as apparent by the avocado slices. I usually spread my avocado with a fork, but this avocado was way too hard for that. I used my favorite multi-grain bread from Costco and smoked salmon.

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetAvocado toast #2. Again, this avocado was still hard.

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This was the most EPIC avocado toast ever! This was on yesterday where first, I put down a slice of smoked salmon. Then I spread the avocado with a fork. Then I put brie cheese on top of the avocado. Then I sprinkled chia seeds on top. And for the grand finale, I put another slice of smoked salmon. Ugh, it was divine guys, divine.


img_3272I shared this on our Instagram earlier this week, but I went to my dad’s workplace as he was continuously boasting about the salad bar at his workplace. So skeptical, I went. However, the obsession is real! There was tofu (that actually tasted good), chicken breast, arugula, spinach, chickpeas, quinoa, sunflower seeds, roasted butternut squash, ugh the list goes on and on. I’m definitely following my dad to work over winter break (what you do for food, you know?)


Processed with VSCO with c1 presetThis is gomguk or also called gomtang which is a Korean soup made with various beef parts. However, for the one my mom made above, it was oxtail. I love this dish as the broth has a rich and hearty taste and perfect for eating on chilly fall nights.


Processed with VSCO with c1 presetAnother Korean dish … japchae! My mom makes the best one. And to boast, this one doesn’t have the usual beef in it. My mom knew my obsession for mushrooms and she added so many mushrooms it was amazing. They were cooked just right!


Processed with VSCO with c1 presetOf course…saving the best for last! This is my most favorite meal at home which is called “Make-your-own- California-roll.” The bad thing about this meal is that you never get full! My mom counted 40 slices of seaweed and my family of three at all of it!


Processed with VSCO with c1 presetAnd if you’re curious and nosy (like me), here’s a peek into what a typical grocery shopping cart looks like for my family. You see the eggplants and the soybean sprouts for the namul in the upper left and lower right, respectively. On the upper right is dduk, Korean rice cakes which are sooo good. Underneath it all is a big box which has persimmons.


Hope you found my Thanksgiving Break food diary somewhat interesting! If you want me to do one for winter break, let me know!

What was your favorite meal over Thanksgiving?



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