My 2016 Health and Fitness Faves

2016 is over in a couple of minutes (or might be already over by the time you read this), BUT I wanted to share a couple of my 2016 health and fitness faves.

ONE// Wearable tech

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While I personally don’t have any wearable tech items (as my mom fears about radiation…) I think 2016 was the year for wearable tech. I’ve seen from Jawbone, FitBit, Polar, Garmin and more on the arms of fitness junkies and ordinary people alike! It’s great that these wearable tech items are slim, pretty discreet, and easy to use. I really hope to persuade my mom to let me get one!

TWO// Foam rolling

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Now this is something I’ve personally experience and reaped benefits of. I had extremely tired quads at the end of summer after a sudden increase in running mileage. My old running coach (that I still contact to this day) recommended that I take a break from running and instead, foam roll for a good 40 minutes. 10 minutes for quads, 10 minutes each for side of the leg, and 10 minutes for hamstrings. While it was a mundane motion, foam rolling definitely helped me recover quickly!


THREE// Yoga

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While yoga has always been touted as a healthy practice for the body and mind, I feel like it has gotten a lot of hype this year. I’ve personally love to do yoga as a nice way to stretch my body and challenge my body in a different way.


FOUR// Healthy and cute food restaurants

from my What I Ate in Korea blog post 1 and 2

I personally am so happy about this! I feel like recently there’s been so many healthy restaurants that are both cute and popular, although they are on the expensive side. When visiting NYC or Seoul this year, I’ve definitely seen a lot of places to eat where there are green-colored and fresh foods instead of brown and fried ones. Especially, meals with avocado has been getting the hype recently!


FIVE// Superfoods

from Serena’s “detox” juice

My maternal grandmother and my mom is a huge fan of superfoods, so I’m definitely one as well. I think during 2016, we’ve seen a lot of acai, goji, maca, noni, and cacao from the media.

In addition, not really a superfood, but chia seeds and hemp seeds have been getting a lot of praise as well.


SIX// Green juices/smoothies

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Oh. my. goodness. How could I not list green juice? I think this is a pretty self-explanatory item.

But one thing to note: some green juices can have a lot of sugar so watch out. It’s always best to make your own one (check out my green smoothie recipe from this year)!

SEVEN// Vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, gluten-free …

There’s also been a lot of encouragement, support, and development into diets and lifestyles that are necessarily the standard carnivore or American diet. I love taking a peek into “What I Eat in a Day” videos where the eater has a certain/specific diet.

I personally still eat red meat and all, but I truly respect all who make the choice to eat a certain way.

Check out Serena’s blog post about her diet switch!

EIGHT// Body confidence


I feel like during 2016, the media as well as celebrities spread messages about body confidence and body image. So necessary in this day and age. #preach

Check out some of my body image posts here and here.


Hope 2017 can be another health and fitness filled year!

How did you ring in the New Year?




Lately Obsessed #3

I haven’t done these posts in a while — I totally forgot I had this category!

I’ve definitely accumulated some favorites over the past few months and can’t wait to share with you!

ONE // Asics Running Shoes

Screen Shot 2016-12-30 at 11.23.51 PM.pngIf you’ve been following the blog for a while, you know I’ve been struggling with my running injuries. I’ve usually always stuck to Nike for running shoes, but based on some recommendations, I decided to try out Asics. OH MY GOODNESS They are not the most aesthetically pleasing shoes, but they are super comfy. You are literally walking on clouds.

Highly recommend.

These are the current (but definitely not last) pairs I have: Asics Gel Kayano


TWO// Salad bars


If you’ve been following our Instagram, but more specifically our Instagram stories, you know I’ve been obsessed with the salad bar at my dad’s workplace. It’s been a tradition now that we go down to get lunch, see who has the heavier salad, and then after a nice lunch to catch up, get some chai tea before heading back to work.

My dad’s workplace has salmon, chicken, tofu, quinoa, black beans, roasted butternut squash, and mushrooms EVERYDAY and arugula. My lucky dad…


THREE// Journaling

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I am a journaling fanatic. I love all stationery… Moleskines and Muji pens anyone? I’ve personally written in diaries ever since I was young – ranting about my crushes and my dreams to be a princess, lol.

But now, I journal a lot about my feelings. As humans, it’s natural for us to think, worry, and overthink a lot. So I personally find it’s therapeutic to write my feelings down so I feel somewhat put together. It really makes a world of a difference. Sort of like meditating, which is all the range these days.

I journal personally about my body image, my self-esteem, and my confidence both in my capabilities and appearance.


What are you currently obsessed with?

Or what have been your 2016 faves?



How to Keep Up with Your New Year’s Resolutions


Happy New Year’s Eve! I hope you had a great holiday season catching up with family and friends.

The new year of course means a fresh start with new goals to accompany to them. I personally hate how people look down upon New Year’s Resolutions. People expect you to fall out of your resolutions when they gleefully smile at you and ask, “How are your New Year’s Resolutions going?”

This year, make your answer to those questions as “My New Year’s Resolutions are going great, actually,” by following these few tips and tricks that I found helpful to maintain and sustain my goals.

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ONE // Set subset goals within one big goal

A lot of people, when they set their New Year’s Resolutions give a generic and vague goal such as “I want to lose weight,” “I want to lose x pounds,” “I want to start eating healthy,” “I want to go to the gym more,” “I want to get better grades,” and many more.

Instead, set mini or subset goals on top of these big ones. Ideally, make these goals monthly. For instance, for the goal of eating healthy, set a goal such as eat one healthy meal every day. So whether that be breakfast, lunch, or dinner, every day, have ONE meal that is healthy. Then the next month, up that number to TWO meals. Then for the third month, have 4 out of the 7 days where ALL THREE meals are healthy. And then work from there.

The same goals for any other goal. While yes, this does require more work and planning, at the long term, you will have more fruitful results.


TWO // Set a specific goal whether that be a number or a certain result

It’s easy to say that you achieved a goal when you don’t have a certain threshold to pass. For instance, if you set your goal as I want to eat healthier, but you never set the number of days in a week or number of meals in a day you want to eat healthy, as long as you eat one healthy meal, that means you achieved your resolution, right?

Instead, set a specific numeric goal. For losing weight, going along with the previous tip, set a certain amount you want to lose each month. So on January, I want to lose 2 pounds, and then work yourself around that. If after January, 2 pounds was too easy on you, then make February 4 pounds. If it was too hard, make it 1 pound.

Set a number, a specific threshold that you want to pass.


THREE // Find yourself inspiration

 Just as I find that fitness motivation is important, inspiration and motivation is vital in achieving your goals. For eating healthy, follow Instagram accounts that posts pictures of fresh and clean meals. For exercising, follow Instagram accounts that are focused on fitness. For getting good grades, list some role models that are attending or have attended your dream school or is doing your dream job. Make your destination – as hard as it may be – a constant reminder wherever you go.

So that wraps up my tips for New Year’s Resolutions! I know it was short with only 3 tips, but I believe with these tips, you guys will be all set!


I will be posting tomorrow my New Year’s Resolutions, following these very tips!

Good luck and make 2017’s New Year’s Resolutions actually work!


What are some of your New Year’s Resolutions?



NYC Current Favorites

New York City has so many amazing food destinations and every time I go, I always plan the trip around the food! Yeah, just being the foodie that I am 🙂

SO here are the destinations that I’ve recently visited and recommend!

1.) Bibble and Sip

You’ve probably seen pictures on Instagram of creamy matcha lattes and giant oozing cream puffs. This place is definitely definitely worth the hype.

I had a matcha cream puff, earl grey cream puff, and a bite of the brûlée egg tart. They cream puffs were so good that we had to take one home, along with a black sesame croissant. The matcha cream puff was my favorite! The cream had just the right amount of matcha flavor and it wasn’t too sweet. The outside puff part was crispy and match-y. And then there’s the price. At $3.50 a cream puff, the cost is insanely cheap, especially for a super popular NYC cafe. This is the place that I recommend everyone take a trip to! It’s right in between Time Square and Columbus Square, so it is very conveniently located if you want to visit all the major touristy areas.

Next time I come, I’m definitely ordering a Lavender Latte. I hear it’s amazing as well!

2.) Hangawi

Hangawi is a Korean restaurant that serves only vegetarian food, and I had been eyeing this restaurant for a while because of its outstanding reviews on Yelp and Zagat. So for my birthday recently, I finally got to try the food here with my friends and it was so yummy 🙂 And while the food is not completely authentic Korean, it still tastes super good. Even my friends completely adverse to vegetarian food enjoyed the dishes.

I had a tofu stone bowl rice with sesame leaves, which was savory and delicious. I loved the flavorful tofu scramble, over the hot bed of rice.

3.) Beyond Sushi

   This sushi joint serves vegan and vegetarian sushi, and I tried the spicy mango roll and the mighty mushroom roll. The mushroom was by far my favorite, and it could be just because of my obsession with mushrooms, but mushrooms in sushi?! Mmm it was delicious! I love meaty vegetables 🙂

4.) By Chloe

You’ve probably also heard of this vegetarian/vegan restaurant that serves amazing meatless burgers. (You probably notice by now that I love going to vegetarian/vegan eateries)

This place is great. And really aesthetically pleasing-I went to the one near Flatiron.

First of all, the fridge is IDEAL. There’s chia puddings, fruit, plenty of kombucha, juice, and other goodies.

Then the actual food. I ordered a classic burger and it was so savory and tasted so much more satisfying than a regular veggie burger! The patty- a TEMPEH-LENTIL-CHIA-WALNUT PATTY- tasted so much like meat it was amazing 😍definitely looking forward to going again soon!!

Yes that’s the same picture from our Instagram 🙂

Now that I’ve shared my current NYC favorites, what are your’s? Recommendations in the comments will be much appreciated 🙂



Gift Guide for your Fitness Enthusiasts

Serena and I just got off for winter break this past Thursday! It was Serena’s birthday on Friday (Happy Birthday!!!) so we hung around in NYC eating some delish foods.

Anyways, winter break means that holiday season is drawing near. And holiday season means gift giving. If you have fitness enthusiasts in your household or if you are a fitness enthusiast yourself, look no forward but to my gift guide for fitness freaks down below!

For clothes and shoes, check out my Black Friday shopping guide!




Run Fast. Eat Slow. : Nourishing Recipes for Athletes ($16.98) // Garmin Running Watch Forerunner 735XT ($449.99) // S’well water bottle (all 9 oz bottles 15% off!)

Women’s Nike Dri-Fit Running Long Sleeve Tee ($80) // Fitbit Alta (currently on sale!) // Lululemon Reversible Yoga Mat ($78)

Asics Gel-Kayano 23 – my new favorite running shoes! ($160.00) // Powerbeats Wireless Headphones ($199.95) // GRID Mini Foam Roller ($24.99)

What’s on your wishlist?


Happy Holidays!



My Health Role Model

I wanted to get a little personal on the blog today (per one of my friend’s recommendation). One of the touchiest and sentimental subjects for me is my late paternal grandmother, called halmoni in Korean. During the holiday season, it is easy to get sucked up in the festivities and the happy memories. However, for me, during the holiday season, I also think and contemplate those friends and family members I am no longer in contact with. Those I have fell out of. My halmoni is someone who was always a 14-hour flight away, but nevertheless, losing her was a huge devastation to me. I miss her daily, but I know that if she knew I was doing a health and nutrition blog and such a fanatic for health, she would have been proud of me.


My halmoni was the healthiest person I knew. Daily after dinner, my halmoni would go on a powerwalk by the mountains right behind the apartment. I would accompany my halmoni along these powerwalks whenever my family came to visit over the summer. Her powerwalk consisted of synchronized arm and leg movements that were brisk but firm and certain breathing techniques, all in the hopes to get more of the fresh mountain air and get the blood flowing with oxygen. My halmoni was the definition of an early bird. During the first few days in Korea I woke up early due to the jet lag. However, I could hear my halmoni hustling and bustling in the kitchen concocting new healthy dishes where her meals would be centered around vegetables and very little meat. Every one of her dishes had either a superfood or some sort of antioxidant – her meals were made to invigorate and empower my family’s body, not to satisfy our taste buds.  While my grandpa, my parents and I would pile up on the sofa to watch the 8:00pm Kdrama, my halmoni would face the other direction and massage our feet, claiming that if we had healthy and strong feet, our bodies would be too. Instead of being grateful, my younger self didn’t know any better and annoying told my halmoni that she was blocking the screen. Her firm massages were too painful and I would avoid them by quickly folding my feet or running to the bathroom. Every night, my halmoni would come into my room before I went to bed and thoroughly applied the “horse” cream she obtained from her trip to Japan and made me wear a scratchy pair of pajamas that seemed as if they were made out of bamboo sticks. My halmoni claimed that this type of material is good for ventilation which our bodies need in the summer. I would quickly rinse off the cream and change into my cotton long johns after she left.

Looking back now, these little quirks of my halmoni were annoying but all out of love. I think we can all relate how as children, we found the naggings of our grandparents or parents annoying but looking back, they were the biggest acts of love they could have ever given to us. So, with this in mind, I hope that before we enter into the holiday season, we take a reflective moment back and honor and cherish and contemplate those who made a lasting impact on our lives.

Who’s your role model?