Staying active during the winter

Happy Friday!

How is everybody doing on their New Year’s resolutions? You better say that you’re still keeping up with them after following my tips and tricks!

Today was the first snowfall where I live. It was such a treat to wake up to pathways, roofs, trees all blanketed with white soft powder.

However, as much as snow is great, it’s dangerous once the pathways ice over. I forgot about that and had to shorten my run today as after having run a mile, I realized that some of the paths looked suspicious. I didn’t want to risk a bruised butt so I headed on inside and …. continued my workout!

It’s easy in the winter when the weather is cold and the roads may be icy or wet to make an excuse to not exercise. But then not only does winter make us not want to exercise, but it also brings in warm, hearty, indulgent and rich foods. So it’s especially important that winter doesn’t become a hibernation, but a season where we have to modify the workouts.

So … with all of that being said, I’m sharing a few tips on how to stay active during the winter.

ONE// Utilize the gym

image source

Yes, I know that the gym isn’t the first place you want to go to, however, in the winter, the gym is the safest and warmest place to workout without having to sacrifice too much of the nature of your workouts.

For runs, running on the treadmill can get repetitive and monotonous, however, it’s a great way to catch up by listening to audiobooks, podcasts, YouTube videos, or the latest TV series you’re watching! I know that my parents get their daily dose of KDrama while working out. My parents consistently go to the gym at least 2 times a week in order to watch their show while power walking (mom) or running (dad) on the treadmill!

So utilizing the treadmill as a way to watch your TV series is a great excuse to exercise!

Also, using the gym allows you to continue weight and strength training!


TWO// Take a walk outside

image source

You may be thinking, Stephanie, you don’t run outside but you walk??

Yes, that’s what I do. Personally, I LOVE the crisp and fresh winter air. And of course, the winter naturally makes us coop up in our rooms (cabin fever anyone?) and from time to time I need a break from all the warm and cozy indoors. So I like to take walks outside. It’s a great way to exercise but also get a nice mental break. And by walking, it’s easier to spot the ice and other dangerous hazards on the path whereas in running you’re just speeding by.

*Of course, if on your own discretion, you judge that it’s too dangerous, then DON’T take a walk. But if you think that the conditions are safe enough, then go ahead!


THREE// Take advantage of activities indoors

image source

Sorry for moving you guys around outside and inside, but I think the winter season is a perfect opportunity to try activities that are based indoors. Namely, I’m talking about yoga and pilates. I personally love yoga, but never have enough time for it (isn’t that the excuse for everything these days?). But whenever I get the time to do it (such as during this winter break), I get reminded to how much I love and miss doing it.

So during the winter, I try to get back on yoga. It doesn’t have to be a full-fledged hour session, just a yoga pose here and there for like 5 minutes throughout the day will still get that blood circulation going!


Hopefully these tips gave some ideas of being active during the winter! Good luck! For those who made resolutions to be active and healthy during 2017, hope you take these tips to heart!

P.S. : For those in the midst of winter blues, read this article! It’s super motivational and inspiring!

What’s your favorite winter activity?




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  1. As always- AMAZING tips!!!! Hmmm my favorite winter activity would be ice skating! DJ and I both love it, but actually have not gone yet this year! Maybe tonight.. we have an ice skating rink nearby! Hope this weekend is treating you well, Steph! ❤

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