Lately Obsessed #4

File_000 (20).jpeg
I usually edit my blog and Instagram posts on VSCO, but this picture is wholly UNEDITED. Isn’t this beautiful?

ONE // drinking tea

Not only do I love drinking tea as the weather is so cold, tea helps both in calming me as well as rejuvenating me. The hot aromatic taste allows me to take a mental break from my busy school day. At the same time, I drink green tea (black black tea like earl gray for times that call desperate measures) instead of coffee. 

It’s also a great idea to drink tea in order to keep your body warm during the extremely cold temperatures (are any of you guys facing EXTREMELY cold temperatures?!)

TWO// moderate exercise

After being cut from winter track, I vowed that I would do as much work and running as winter track. That I would be fit just like the distance runners in my track team. However, after feeling pain creeping up onto the same place I got my stress fracture from XC, I decided against this extreme plan and turned to exercising for the purpose that I actually started loving it. To do it for stress relief and to find energy and happiness. 

Thus, instead of madly scrambling for the gym / from an outside run back inside to finish my homework, I’ve decided to exercise when my schedule allows for it. Right now, my priority is being a student and maybe there was a reason i got from track. Maybe I was being too obsessive over exercise (that I exercised everyday without fail over summer and thanksgiving break) and that this obsession for exercise, a healthy activity, was turning into an unhealthy one. 

So instead of working out six days a week, for at least over half an hour, with only cardio, I’ve been trying to do 3-4 workouts a week that are relatively short and mix cardio AND strength training. 

Read my blog post about workout plans if you haven’t already – I’ve been sticking to this regime, but the moderate version. 

THREE // meditation

I don’t necessarily meditate, but after our church’s youth group went on a retreat this winter break, I’ve been trying to do quiet time (dubbed QT) for 3-4 mornings every week. 

I’ve done it for one week now back in school (whereas back at home over winter break I had did it after I slept in and had my breakfast/lunch). I’ve set my alarm 20 minutes earlier than usual for QT. I go downstairs to the common room, plug my earphones to my Mac and listen to some Christian pop music and journal my thoughts and notes and I read the Bible. It’s only been a couple of weeks, but having this sort of routine has helped me so much. It has helped me become more calm and relaxed before I start my hectic day. It has helped me to complain less and be grateful for a day full of opportunities. It has helped me become a more selfless person and find areas where I can improve as a student, friend, daughter and human being. I really encourage y’all to try mediating this year. Even just for five minutes. 

What are you guys obsessed with this week?



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