What supplements I’m taking 

When I started my journey, I found a lot of inspiration and motivation from YouTube. I’m not here to say that YouTubers are unreliable, but I’m here to say that I relied too much on the belief that whatever works for them works for me. 

So when some of the YouTubers I followed said they don’t take supplements because they get it from the food they eat, I decided to try that too. 

I actually never took that many vitamins anyway as I had constipation whenever I took my calcium gummies. So my mom never really had me take vitamins. 

However, after my extreme weight loss of 20 lbs the summer after eighth grade where my naive self believed that running on 1,200 calories and running track every day would be “healthy” no less borderline unhealthy, I lost a lot of the nutrients my body had. My hair was falling out left and right, my nails were cracking, and while my skin looked radiant and “healthy,” I was constantly feeling tired and weak. 

After taking an intense blood test, they found that my calcium levels were LOW. Like LOW LOW. 

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So I started taking calcium supplements. And then today, I take a lot more (than I probably need), but I feel like I am stronger and healthier. This isn’t to say that you should eat poorly and then “save” yourself healthy with supplements. It’s actually the opposite. It’s to show that despite your healthy eating habits (which i still maintain but at a higher calorie intake and smaller calorie output), you might still need to take supplements to fill in those nutrition gaps. 

So with that LONG preamble, here are the supplements i take:

Morning | As soon as I’m done brushing my teeth, I come back to my room and take a probiotic pill. Afterwards, I guzzle around a cup of water. 

I’ve always had trouble pooping (sorry for the explicitness) as a child and sometimes when i went to sleep away camp I would forget to do #2 all entirely and get severe stomach pains from being constipated. However taking probiotics has helped me soo much. And they probably help balance out my problem of having constipation when I take supplements. 

The probiotics I use are nothing special, they are just from Costco. But if interested, here’s the link: https://www.costco.com/Culturelle-Digestive-Health-Probiotic%2c-80-Vegetarian-Capsules.product.100007464.html

Midday | after eating a hearty and big lunch, I come back to my room and take the majority of my supplements. 

Calcium supplements | I’ve recently switched from these to these. While I loved the old ones, the new ones are so much better. I don’t know why but they just are. And also it’s convenient because they are individually packaged so I can grab a package and go straight to class. 

Ginseng | as Koreans, we are sorta obligated to take red ginseng. My cousins take this daily, but I just take my every other day. I know a lot of students in Korea take ginseng to keep their energy levels up while they study. 

I didn’t start drinking this until the beginning of the year. My mom found the Jeongang Jang Red Ginseng (regarded as the highest quality ginseng) at our Costco (go Costco!) so I’ve been taking the Ginseng ever since.

It looks something like this for those who’ve never seen or heard of it before


Multivitamins | explanation necessary? These are the ones I take but warning: they’re a little big. So if you’re not good at swallowing pills, i don’t recommend these

Vitamin B complex | these have helped me so much with my energy levels. When I’m really tired and sluggish, this vitamin b has helped me so much. I don’t know why (but which I  probably should) but it does work. Warning: it makes your pee insanely yellow no matter how much you drink water.  So don’t be alarmed when you see really yellow pee

  • Airborne | I don’t take these daily (although some do), but I take them whenever I’m feeling almost sick OR when they’re a lot of sock people around me. It’s simply an vitamin c immune booster so nothing special. 

Whew! So that wraps up my supplements!

What supplements do you take?



2 thoughts on “What supplements I’m taking 

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  1. I found this really interesting Stephanie! I don’t take a lot of supplements yet but I’m starting to have to for a bunch of reasons! How do you find Ginseng? No one I know takes it so I’m really curious if I should add it to my list. Have a wonderful day! 🙂

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    1. I personally take it because ginseng is something my family has been taking ever since I was born. Ginseng pills, ginseng tea, ginseng packets and the ginseng. I’ll definitely have to look more into the actual benefits of ginseng to get back on you. And if I find a good explanation I’ll definitely post a blog and let you know! Xo Stephanie


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