Benefits of Korean Ginseng

A few days ago I talked about ginseng as part of the daily supplements I take.

After reading the comments as well as thinking over that post a bit, I obliged to write a blog post about the benefits of ginseng.

When we talk about ginseng, we are talking about specifically the ginseng root. There are two different types – the American ginseng and the Asian (also called Korean) ginseng (I take the Korean ginseng). Unlike other supplements, ginseng cannot be found naturally in foods. Thus, ginseng has to be taken in the form of tea, energy drinks and food.


I’m going to talk about Korean ginseng here as this is the type that I take. Korean ginseng is grown 100% organically, takes 6 years to mature in soil, and requires a 10 year resting period between the planting season.

While they are sold at a high price, ginseng has a high amount of active, grown without the use of pesticides, and contains three amount of ginsenosides.

Ginsenosides are valued to be able to boost mental efficiency and relieve mental fatigue. They work as natural adaptogens in the body which means they allow your body to adpat to stress in a natural manner.

Korean ginseng is also said to work on the nervous system as a natural tranquilizer and to boost metabolism function.

In terms of nutrients, Asian ginseng contains vitamins, amino acids, essential oils, and natural enyzmes. It contains 42 natural minerals, to be exact. Like whoa … has unparalleled nutritional content.

It is also great for a natural detoxifier, reduces cortisol levels, and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Obviously, ginseng has a lot of benefits which is one of the reasons a lot of Korean people take it. I really encourage those to try it – although the bitter taste may deter some – the nutritional benefits are worth it!


Have you tried ginseng before?





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