Do I have to do rigorous exercise to stay fit?

Do I have to do rigorous exercise to stay fit?

This is definitely a question, actually more of a belief that I would have held last year.

Golfing with my dad during the weekend. The sun was out, the sky was clear, perfect weather!

As much as I loved running and the feeling you get after a nice long run, I do have to admit that I did run for the sake of staying fit. My thought process was this: if I run, then that means I’m burning more calories, building up more stamina and endurance, yeah, I’m going to keep on running.

And this mindset would be the driving force despite the pain I felt in my knees, the heaviness in my quads, the limping after my run.

Now this isn’t to say that running is bad, no that’s not it. After taking a break from running and simply “intuitively exercising” I’ve realized that I’ve been extreme in my attitude towards exercise.

I reasoned that if you don’t exercise, namely rigorous exercise (which means lots of sweating, lots of heavy panting, frequent thoughts of “I can’t do this. I want to give up”), then I won’t be fit.

IMG_5406 (2)
I’m always up for a walk with my friends or family. Catching up while exercising! Best of both worlds!

However, as I continue to consistently do yoga, walk a lot, and go golfing, I realize that exercise doesn’t have to be necessarily rigorous to make an impact.

It’s just a matter of efficiency. Running, HIIT (High intensity interval training), boxing require a lot of energy but in a short burst of time. Yoga, golf, walking, hiking require much less energy, but during a longer period of time. Now, long distance running has both the energy and the length aspect, which is probably why the bodies of long distance runners is generally referred to as #bodygoals.

However, I think the key to exercise is not about the intensity or about the length, but about how much you enjoy it.

My dad personally hates running (yet he was my buddy runner for all my 5K GOTR races when I was in middle school – thanks dad!!! <3), but he LOOOVES golfing. He claims that he’s not good (I don’t know about that since he’s waaaay better than me lol) but he enjoys the sport so much. Now, there’s no point in him to run since he literally only goes to the gym once or twice a month to run on the treadmill. What good is that? Yeah, even if one mile is nearly 100 calories, what good is it if he only runs 4 miles ONCE a month? Just 400 calories.

But he almost golfing every weekend with his friends. And I mean every weekend. Minus the weekends that he’s visiting me that is. Even during the winter, he would go out with a million of layers and lots of heat packs. He even did a golf outing with his friends for a long weekend where for two days, they played 36 holes each. 18 holes before lunch and 18 holes after lunch. I know, extreme.

But despite the less energy golf requires, my dad does it in such high frequency that in the long run, golf is the exercise that makes him fit. And let me tell you, don’t regard golf lightly. All the times I’ve gone golfing with my dad, walking the full course is a lot of work. I had my phone in my pocket the whole time and after the course, I checked my phone and it was already over 10,000 steps. Think about it! I just walked the recommended number of steps by doing a round of golf! It definitely requires less energy BUT it’s for a prolonged time so it definitely does train you.

Sorry for this long rant – these days, I’ve been getting a lot of “aha!” moments about eating and exercise. And I wanted to spread this “wisdom” I’ve been getting with you all.

What’s your favorite form of exercise?




10 thoughts on “Do I have to do rigorous exercise to stay fit?

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  1. You definitely don’t need to do rigorous exercise to stay fit. The level of your activity depends on your goals really. I personally don’t like running anymore but I used to love it. I wrote a post on my favorite exercises too (because we are the same haha!) But my favorite is ballet and then deadlifts, HIIT and pull ups. I think whatever keeps you active and happy, that’s the best form of exercise. I sent an email Thursday, let me know if it went through or if I should resend it. I have a couple ideas we can co-write I think!

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    1. Hi Samantha! That’s so funny: we literally are the SAME person. I’m currently right now “broken up” with my love for running haha. I used to love it but I don’t know, I’ve just don’t have the inkling or urge to run anymore. Maybe with more time and patience it’ll come back to me, but as for now I’m just sticking with yoga and walking and golf. That’s so cool that you do ballet! Do you go to a ballet class? Or do you follow videos online? I remember doing ballet beautiful videos years before and they are sooo hard! Thanks for stopping by! I’ll check my email this evening (as I’m out of the house currently). I seriously can’t wait to do a collab with you! #greatmindsthinkalike 👯xoxo, Steph

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      1. I do it at home from memory right now. I took ballet for 15 years, I wanted to be professional but wasn’t talented enough haha! I started at 3. I’m looking at doing the classes because I’m not hard enough on myself as it should be. I have a school right beside me and they will not return my messages. But you can’t just drop in either!

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      2. Woah! That’s so cool! I had no idea you used to be hard-core ballerina! Good for you to keep on moving forward, to not give up despite the obstacles and disappointments. It shows how much passion and love you have for ballet! And wow your memory is fantastic. Have a lovely weekend! xoxo, Steph


  2. Definitely need to mix it up and enjoy it while doing. I always try different things at the gym as I would be bored out of my mind if I were to do the same exercises. Keep it up girl and you will be great

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