You know what’s good for the soul? — JOURNALING

As much as Avolicious is about keeping your physical body healthy and happy, I think discussing our mental body is just as important.

I’ve been keeping a diary ever since I was little. My parents, ever since I started to write, have armed with journal and pencil to write in my diary. Now of course, back in those days, it was just a way for me to practice my handwriting. During elementary and to be honest, early middle school, I didn’t write in my diary at all.

However, I started writing in my diary (I call it now journaling instead) at the middle/end of eighth grade.

And let me tell you, journaling has been so therapeutic to me. Being able to write down all your worries, concerns, thoughts, epiphanies, reflections is such a powerful way to cleanse your mind but to also get some organization and clarity in your life. Seeing your thoughts that used to be jumbled up in your head all laid down on paper refreshes you in ways that only you can experience if you actually do it.

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Here are a few of my tips for you to start journaling:


ONE// Don’t force it

There are definitely days when you can write a whole novel in your journal. But then there are days when you just don’t feel like journaling. Especially when I was in a funk in the beginning this summer, I really had no energy to journal.

I think the problem that I faced in elementary school that led me to quit journaling was that it became a burden. The burden of having to journal everyday. And for some reason or another, the human mind, when something becomes a burden, we have less of an urge to actually do it.

So my number one tip for you, is to don’t force it. Journaling works the best when everything just flows out. You want those thoughts and feelings that you are journaling to be in its purest and rawest form. Don’t force it. Period.


TWO// Pick a journal and a few pens that you’ll enjoy writing in

Maybe it’s because I’m a stationery junkie, but writing in a great journal with a smooth pen makes all the difference for me. Yes, it’s expensive, but think of it as buying high-end fitness gear. A lot of people who buy Lululemon for their exercise clothes always justify that at the end, they wear their Lululemon clothes the longest and that Lululemon pieces actually motivate them to go to the gym. In the same regard, your journal and pen are going to influence whether you feel motivated or not.

My current favorite is a 0.38 black MUJI pen (yes, I am that picky) and a Moleskine.


THREE// There are no rules in journaling

This is another important advice. There are no right’s and no wrong’s in journaling. Whatever feels right to you, is correct. Sometimes I just full on rant. With no paragraph breaks, I just fill up the whole page. Other times, I draw or do bullet points.

Sometimes even, I’m not even journaling. I lay out my goals, my schedule for the coming days, my eating log – my journal becomes my everything and anything. The dumbest thing to do when you start journaling is to be so careful and so wary about writing something “wrong” that you never get into the joy of journaling.


So there you have it! If you have any more questions in journaling, while I am by no means am I an expert, please email/comment me!

Have you journaled before?



4 thoughts on “You know what’s good for the soul? — JOURNALING

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  1. I tried Bujoing last year and I enjoyed it but sadly, I stopped after 3 months. Last night, I just thought I would love to start it again..I know it’s more than half of the year already but there’s so.much to write and remember everyday 🙂

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    1. Yes yes yes! Start again! Just like a mentioned before, I think bujo/journaling works the best when it’s natural. When you feel the natural urge and desire to do it. Don’t pressure yourself to bujo every hour and every day. There are definitely hard-core bujo-ers out there, but don’t feel pressured to be like them. Start out slowly, journaling whenever you want to. You’re already a step much ahead of everyone else by knowing you need and want to journal! Please keep me updated on how bujo-ing goes for you! xoxo, Steph

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      1. Thanks, Steph! I think that’s what happened to me before. I was pressured to create lovely spread and I bought stickers and pens because I saw it on Instagram. Although I enjoyed it, the feeling was more of an obligation for I knew I had to write since I already have a weekly spread. Thanks for reminding me that it has to be natural. I will surely update you. 🙂

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      2. Yay, I’m glad I could help! I’ve definitely felt that way before where I try to make bullet journal the perfect way it can be. I remember ripping out pages in my Moleskine when I “messed up” my spread. I was actually texting with my friend (who actually bullet journals as well) this morning and we talked about how while bullet journal is definitely a thing, it’s different things for different people because what seems organized for me may not seem organized for you! I really hope that you continue bullet journaling WITHOUT the pressure! And yes, do keep me updated! xoxo Steph

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