Weekly Roundup

First off, I would like to thank those with the immense support and love from my most recent post. When I started this blog with Serena 3 years ago and even today, my hope for this blog is not to gain a large following – rather, if I can influence and help one reader from my ever-growing journey towards health and happiness, then I believe I have done my part. Each and every well-wishes and encouraging messages motivates me to not lose hope in my journey to recovery and I wanted to say a huge thank you that.

Away from all the cheesy-ness (is that even a word?), here a few snaps from the past week.

@Cloud Gate in Downtown Chicago

My mom and I took a quick two-day trip to Chicago and New York for college tours (cue in the sad faces….). Most of the trip involved taking red-eye flights, checking into hotels after midnight, sleeping for less than 6 hours, running around catching Ubers, trying to stay awake during the college information sessions, and shivering from the frigid Chicago and New York City weather. To be honest, I’m surprised at how much my mom and I fit in 48 hours.

So there was not much time to find yummy places to eat as my mom and I had to deal with the short time we had.


IMG_0054 2.jpg
Besides the frigid cold weather, Chicago was amazing – it was one of the cleanest and nicest cities I’ve been to!

But while in NYC, my mom and I had enough time to stop by by Chloe, a vegan restaurant that serves burgers, salads, pastas and also pastries! We ordered the guac burger, quinoa taco salad and the artichoke dip. My mom, who usually is not a big fan of modified food (aka veggie burgers), put a big thumbs up for this meal – so that’s saying something!



The following weekend, I went out with my childhood best friends for an early birthday lunch. We went to Brio (my first time!) and it was so good! I ordered the grilled salmon with sweet potatoes on the sides.


It was a pretty quick week, especially with the whirlwind two day trip. I’m ready to enjoy the last week of my spring break by sleeping in and eating lots of good homemade foods!

How was your week?



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  1. Cheesy-ness is TOTALLY a word (well it is if we want it to be, right?!) 😉 I know those sleepless nights and busy days seem exhausting, but some of those types of trips with my mom are ones that I truly treasure!! Chloe looks too good to be true! Writing that down! Keep us posted on your decisions Exciting time for you, Steph

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