About This Blog | Avolicious is a source of all things healthy. We cover fitness, delicious recipes,  nutrition facts, and everything in between.


About The Authors | Hi, there! We’re Serena and Stephanie and we started this blog during our freshmen year of high school.  Despite only knowing each other for a mere two months, we quickly became best friends and credit it to our shared passion: health and wellbeing … as well as avocados. Thus, when we failed to find a club in our school that perfectly “clicked” with our interests, we wanted to create something that was meaningful to us.  What started off as a possible club idea, branched off into a blog where we could share our passion. While the majority of our friends took the advantage of the dining center and absence of their parents by devouring junk food 24/7, we found ourselves craving healthier options, especially avocados. Whether you are a devoted health aficionado or an aspiring one, we hope you stick around to enjoy or learn from our ramblings on health, fitness, recipes, and of course, avocados.
Contact | Feel free to contact us anytime! We’re open to hear your comments, feedback, and everything and anything!

Email: avoliciousblog@gmail.com

Instagram: @avolicious_blog

Disclaimers | For all the blog posts we post, we strive to provide the most accurate information based on extensive meticulous research. With that being said, the blog posts we share will be influenced by our own personal experiences. We do not intend to force anyone to pursue a specific lifestyle. The purpose of our blog is to inform and make our readers aware about what they put in their bodies as well as how they are treating them. We never want to come across forceful and haughty to our readers.


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  1. So encouraged by your determination to make a healthy lifestyle in high school! That can be challenging! Keep up the good work and keep posting ! You had me at avocados😋

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