Today was sort of a scary day for me. I had a massive stomach ache. Now usually, stomach aches are normal for me. I've had gas problems as a child so my tolerance for stomach aches are quite quite high. However, today, after having lunch with my mom, I had a massive stomach ache. Something... Continue Reading →

Stop Moralizing Your Food Choices

"Oh, that food is really healthy and good for you." "That food is really bad and fattening, don't eat that if you don't want to be fat." I'm sure we've either heard something similar to this or we've thought them ourselves. Today, I want to talk about on no longer moralizing your food choices. It's... Continue Reading →

My 2016 Health and Fitness Faves

2016 is over in a couple of minutes (or might be already over by the time you read this), BUT I wanted to share a couple of my 2016 health and fitness faves. ONE// Wearable tech While I personally don't have any wearable tech items (as my mom fears about radiation...) I think 2016 was the... Continue Reading →

Girls, oh, girls

I was planning for another post today, however, after an incident this past weekend, I decided without a second thought that I wanted to share something serious but oh so relevant in this world today. My two cousins (9 year old and 4 year old) from North Carolina visited my family this past weekend. They... Continue Reading →

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