My 2016 Health and Fitness Faves

2016 is over in a couple of minutes (or might be already over by the time you read this), BUT I wanted to share a couple of my 2016 health and fitness faves. ONE// Wearable tech While I personally don't have any wearable tech items (as my mom fears about radiation...) I think 2016 was the... Continue Reading →

Study Snacks from Home

Not only am a pretty passionate foodie, I’m a passionate snacker. Sitting in class all day long, hauling my massively heavy backpack around campus, plus studying well into the late late night, means I need something to nibble on to keep me energized and efficient. And of course, hangry is never a state that you... Continue Reading →

Lately Obsessed #2

This week has been a bit more low-key but nevertheless crazy week. I’m heading back to boarding school next Saturday so our family is in get ready mode (read: creating lists of what we need to buy, but not really going out and getting those things … does anybody else do that?). The weather’s been... Continue Reading →

Weekly Clean Eating Costco Haul

Costco is our family’s best friend. Like seriously. Even though we’re a family of three (or mostly a family of two since I’m away at school), we still renew our Costco membership every year because there is such a wide variety of selections and the major selling point - it’s cheap! Also, we have a... Continue Reading →

“AjU Masshittda”

To those in the States, Happy Fourth! Today is the second installment of my trip to Korea in June (I seriously can’t believe a month of summer vacation has flown by already). While last week’s post was titled, “Masshittda”, today’s post is “Aju Masshittda” (아주 맛있다) means “very delicious,” and that’s exactly what today’s post... Continue Reading →

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