NYC Current Favorites

New York City has so many amazing food destinations and every time I go, I always plan the trip around the food! Yeah, just being the foodie that I am 🙂 SO here are the destinations that I've recently visited and recommend! 1.) Bibble and Sip You've probably seen pictures on Instagram of creamy matcha... Continue Reading →

Changing Your Diet

I am definitely no stranger to changing diets. If you have followed the blog, you'll know that I experimented with vegetarianism and pescetarianism in middle school. For the past year or so, I've cut numerous foods out of my "diet" and substituted them with other foods--and it's not as hard as you would think! One... Continue Reading →

Food Trends in 2016

Welcome, 2016! Researchers have predicted the culinary trends of the upcoming year. Apple cider vinegar and ginger sweetened with honey, maple, or molasses: great ways to detox after a New Year's Eve party 🙂 More Hawaiian flavors Oysters Labneh- a thick and savory Middle Eastern yogurt Inventive ways to incorporate coffee into drinks Bottled soup... Continue Reading →

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